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Signs Of Sight Loss

Posted on 09-27-2018

The loss of one's sight is a devastating event that not only affects the person who is left partially or completely blind, it also impacts those around them. Sight loss is not something that h...

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Back To School Glasses

Posted on 09-27-2018

Having good sight is something that can help children to succeed in school. There are times when students in the Tupelo area might not be able to see the whiteboards at the front of the class or r...

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How to Find Your Perfect Sunglasses

Posted on 06-21-2018

Finding a good pair of sunglasses requires balancing function with the appearance of the frames. If one of these aspects is wrong, you'll be dissatisfied and soon find yourself seeking a new p...

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How to Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays this Summer

Posted on 05-23-2018

The summer sun is enjoyable, but without the proper precautions, it can cause damage to your eyes as well as your skin. You've surely heard that you should wear sunscreen to protect your skin,...

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